Worship Service

Morning Worship Service: Sunday 10:30-Noon

This service begins with announcements and leads into a chorus time of approximately 30 minutes. The choruses are upbeat, worshipful and the words are displayed on a screen so it’s easy to follow along.

Special music usually follows the choruses. Many of our soloists use background accompaniment tracks.

Our pastor preaches each week for approximately 40 minutes. The message is always based on scripture and is challenging. The messages are topical and cover basic Biblical principles and thought provoking encouragement.

At the time of the offering, we see it as the responsibility of our members to give in order to meet the financial needs of the church. Visitors are not expected to take part unless they so desire.

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month, which to us is a remembrance of the Lord’s Supper and unleavened bread and grape juice are used. This service is open to all believers who have made a conscience choice to follow Christ.

Those months that have five Sundays, the fifth Sunday is Children’s Sunday. The children share their songs, skits, dance, and message with the adults.

Pastor then closes with a prayer and sometimes a closing song or hymn.